outdoor space with motorized screens

Beat the Summer Heat in Your Own Atlanta Backyard Oasis

Enjoying time in the great outdoors has almost become mandated due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Whether you prefer fresh powder on the slopes in the dead of winter or a blazing sunny beach in July, nearly everyone has an outdoor activity that gives them solace from the trappings of their busy daily lives. The Georgia summer is upon us now, and the warm temperatures and longer days have set the scene for relaxing in the backyard to the music of chirping birds and the comfort of a warm breeze. Make the most of your at-home getaway this year by creating your refuge to escape the sun and mosquitoes while spending time outside.

outdoor space with motorized screens

Here are a few great ideas to start you on the way.

Shady Spots Can Be Easy and Economical

If you don’t have an Atlanta screened-in patio or a space with a pergola, you can still have an attractive and comfy shaded area in your yard. There is a vast selection of easy-to-install canopies available online and at stores everywhere. Some are enclosed with screens to keep the bugs out, and others are open, but either way, you will appreciate the shade on the hottest days. For a more creative approach, consider building your covering by using a boat sail and attaching it to three posts in the ground. This one will make your friends and neighbors wish they had thought of it first!

Brunch Under Your Patio Umbrella

One of the fastest and most popular ways to get a little shade while enjoying an outdoor meal is the use of patio umbrellas. Umbrellas come in an endless array of colors, styles, and sizes. Some are simply larger versions of a rain umbrella, with a pole that fits through the hole in your patio table or a portable weighted base, while others are enormous contraptions that cover an entire patio. No matter which variety you choose, patio umbrellas are a timeless backyard staple that will last for years if taken care of properly.

patio umbrella

Invest in Screens to Protect You for Years to Come

Installing patio screens is the best investment you can make in an in-home oasis to shield yourself from bug bites and UV rays while providing an extra layer of privacy. Screens allow the fresh summer breeze to keep you cool as you while away the day in your beautiful yard. Motorized outdoor shades will enable you to reap these benefits at the push of a button and offer the option to open your patio up if you wish. The best part about Atlanta outdoor shades is that they are compatible with most smart home automation systems, and can be operated with ease.

retractable screens on beautiful Forest Park porch

With these simple ideas in mind, it is very easy to create a perfect outdoor oasis with all the comforts of home. Be sure to start soon and enjoy the summer while it lasts. Contact Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta today @ (770) 664-0027 to discuss the perfect backyard shade solution.

Make the Most of Your Summer With a Motorized Screen

The summer swelter is beginning to ramp up across the country, especially in Georgia. With sunny days and rising temperatures ahead, now is the time to be making your seasonal preparations. Many people are facing the prospect of more time in their homes this summer, providing the perfect opportunity to make the space as comfortable as possible. A motorized patio or porch screen may just be the home accessory you never knew you needed, providing protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Patio Screens Atlanta Motorized

What Can A Motorized Screen Do For You?

Motorized screens are retractable patio shades that allow you to seamlessly screen in your outdoor living space with the touch of a button. They provide ventilation and protection from the elements (think: UV radiation and mosquitos).

Motorized screens offer the best in pest protection, solar/UV radiation protection, and privacy. A versatile addition to your exterior spaces, motorized screens and patio shades serve several purposes. Transform your outdoors with the click of a button with a motorized shade.

Patio Screens Summer 2020

Exterior Motorized Shade Applications

One of the best things about motorized screens is their versatility. Install them in any of your exterior spaces, including:

  • Screened porches or patios. Instantly create privacy and shade on your outdoor patio by installing Atlanta porch shades. A stationary screen may offer protection, but it also prevents you from enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. With a retractable shade, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the click of a button
  • Garage doors. We often do home improvement projects in the garage that require ventilation. An Atlanta motorized garage screen door allows you to complete all your outdoor projects with adequate airflow while keeping pests outside where they belong.
  • Privacy screens. A retractable screen can help you enjoy the great outdoors while retaining some of your privacy. Enjoy a soak in your hot tub or read a book in the outdoors uninterrupted. When you’re ready, simply click a button to open up to the world again.
  • Your four seasons room. A motorized screen allows you to use your four-seasons room as intended—through all months of the year. In the summer, you can enjoy the evening breeze without the buzz of mosquitos or even weather a summer storm. In colder winter months add a vinyl shade in tandem with your solar mesh to close off the harsh elements.

Motorized Vinyl Shades Georgia

Benefits Of An Atlanta Motorized Screen

There has never been a better time to add a motorized screen to your Georgia home. The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Weather protection. Porch shades can provide protection from harmful UV radiation, rain, high wind, and more.
  • Pest protection. Enjoy evenings outdoors without the need for irritating insect repellent.
  • Privacy. If you want to enjoy your porch in solitude, a patio shade provides privacy with the click of a button.

Make Your Summer Screen Your Own

Motorized retractable screens come in a variety of styles and formats to fit your needs and personal flair. We can customize your screen based on:

  • Size. We can customize our screens to fit your porch, patio, or four-seasons room.
  • Style. We have options to hang with tracks or cables, whichever best fits your enclosure style.
  • Décor. We help you personalize your screen by matching it with your own personal home decorating style. The best screens blend seamlessly with your style such that they are virtually invisible. We offer our screens in numerous color and texture options to fit your personal flair.

Many Atlanta residents are preparing to spend more time at home this summer. As such, now is the perfect opportunity to consider an investment in a patio or porch screen. By adding protection, privacy, and style, a motorized screen is the perfect investment of form and function. It may just be the summer accessory you never knew you needed. Contact us today to learn more about motorized screens and installation or setup an appointment to get started.

Retractable porch screens Lake Oconee, Georgia

Motorized Outdoor Shades – Lake Oconee, Georgia

This weeks motorized outdoor shade installation took place at Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee, Georgia. The screens were produced by Universal Motion Screens of Dallas, TX. The customer’s primary goal was to block the bugs and gain more enjoyment from their deck with an awesome view of the water. Powered by Somfy motors, the client will have the ease of a multi-channel remote which will allow them to operate the screens individually or as a group. The screen mesh is produced by Phifer who manufactures Pet Mesh; a 10 year warranty screen material that won’t rip, tear, or mildew.

Retractable porch screens Lake Oconee, Georgia

A single window was covered with a 95% solar mesh to help reduce the incredible amount of heat that was reflecting off the water. When the screen is down it reduces the temperature coming into the house by a whopping 16 degrees!

On the outside patio you will also notice Retractable Screen Doors installed on a set of custom French Doors produced by Mirage Screens. Mirage Screens offer the same resistant pet mesh which will keep the look and consistency in tact with the rest of the patio / deck area. Mirage doors are made to retract slowly to prevent injury and a safer retraction that won’t slam or pinch fingers.

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Lake Oconee Screen Enclosure

Install of Week March 1 – Motorized Screen Enclosure

This screen enclosure project took place in Lake Oconee, Georgia and incorporated many facets of screen products.

US Motion Screens covered the larger spands which measured over 18 feet wide. The decorative caps at the top and bottom of the columns where removed to allow placement of the tracks. Once installed, Peachtree Blinds installers returned that same molding to it’s original form. The power cord was strategically placed to be hidden from everyday view. Powered by Somfy motors this homeowner can utilize a multi channel remote to operate the screens.

Smaller areas were covered with ScreenEze, a patented system that provides fixed screens for large areas. Built on site by our installers ScreenEze can cover areas up to 150 square feet. Notice how tight the installation turned out! No waves or wrinkles.

For fast and easy access into the house Mirage retractable screen doors were installed. These invisible screens roll up and disappear when not in use allowing a clear view through the glass door. Mirage doors are made to retract slowly to prevent injury. The result is a safer product that wont pinch fingers of children or scare pets.

This combination of products is ideal for any homeowner on the lake!

Installation Of The Week – Cummings, GA

Two Great Features For The Price Of One

Cummings, Georgia backyard with motorized screensPeachtree Blinds completed the installation of 3 outdoor motorized screens produced by Universal Screen. Using a 95% solar mesh and installing them with a zipper system, this customer will be able to enjoy a bug free environment while greatly reducing the amount of heat and sun. They currently have a Southern exposure and even in the late months of winter when this was installed (February 2020), the temperature inside was reduced by 10 degrees.

Looking at the pictures you can see that visibility was not sacrificed. The sleek housing were measured precisely so that the original caps on the columns remained intact. Our standard color of tan blended in perfectly to provide a nearly invisible look from the outside looking in.


Porch Shades Alpharetta Georgia

Installation Of The Week – The Manor, Alpharetta, GA

This project took place in the prestigious community known as The Manor in Alpharetta, Ga.

Peachtree Blinds installed 12 motorized screens with Phifer Tuff Screen. Motors were provided by Somfy and the customer utilized the My Link system that would them to operate the screens from not only their phones but powered by Alexa.

The screens were assembled and manufactured by Universal Screens. The unique zipper track system allows for the smooth movement of the screens but at the same time creates retention. A plastic sleeve inserted into the side tracks prohibits the screen mesh from popping out and can withstand a wind gust of up to 45 MPH.

Learn more about our motorized retractable screens.

Midtown Atlanta Porch Shades

Prepare For Spring With Motorized Patio Screens

Midtown Atlanta Porch Shades

Spring is right around the corner, and the seasonal clean up doesn’t have to be limited to inside spaces. Tidy up your Georgia patio for the warmer days ahead. Sweep off the porch, wipe down furniture, wash cushion covers, and add some motorized exterior shades to keep your space cool, comfortable and convenient.

Motorized solar screens are made with solar screen fabric that is available with varying degrees of light blockage ranging from 60- 90%. Fabrics with higher light blockage ratings will give superior UV protection, but allow for less visibility.

If you want to keep your great view, but still need moderate sun protection for family or fragile furniture, choose a fabric with a lower light blockage. These weaves let some natural light in, but keep out glare.

Beautiful motorized retractable screens Candler Park

All motorized patio shades are produced with stainless steel and aluminum hardware that won’t tarnish, fade or chip, and can stand up to the elements. Wind sensors are available to keep your screens protected even in the highest wind conditions. Motorized outdoor shades can be used to keep patios cool and comfortable as pictured above, or they can be installed on the exterior of windows and doors to stop the sun’s heat before it enters your home. This will save you a ton of money on your energy bill.

Our motorized porch shades are available with several lift options from motorized to manually operated. From continuous cord loops, to hand-crank systems to touch of a button, motorized retractable screens, Peachtree has you covered. If you choose motorization, each shade will come equipped with a remote control and we can incorporate them into your home automation.

Give us a call today @ (770) 664-0027 or email us and be prepared for entertaining outside, for family play time or to just relax bug free in your backyard.

Buckhead, Lenox Park patio screens and shades

Peachtree Blinds installs and services patio shades and motorized solar screens in Buckhead, Morningside/Lenox Park, Virginia-Highland, Candler Park, Midtown, Inman Park, Poncey-Highland, Ormewood Park and other Metro Atlanta and surrounding Georgia cities.

Control Multiple Motorized Indoor/Outdoor Shades With Somfy IGC

Somfy 4n1 Motor ControllerThe Individual Group Control (IGC) 4n1 Motor Controller provides individual and group control for up to four Somfy Wired Technology (WT) motors with up to three intermediate positions per motor.

Through the use of the DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad (#1811402, required), users can access 3 preset positions as well as Up, Down and Stop. Keypads can also be used to set custom intermediate positions. Multiple IGC 4n1 Motor Controllers can be daisy-chained together for simplified synchronized control from a single keypad.

Somfy DecoFlex ControllerThe Somfy DecoFlex Digital Keypad for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) is an intelligent control device providing a hard-wired in-wall user interface for stand-alone SDN shading systems. Keypads provide users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort. Each keypad communicates directly with intelligent motors in the system without the need for a centralized system controller, distributing intelligence across the network, ensuring reliable operation.

Every DecoFlex Digital Keypad uses a priority based command structure which allows multiple keypads to have different levels of authority. For example, a system can be programmed to prioritize life-safety and facility manager control over local user control. Available in both 6 button and 8 button configurations, the DecoFlex Digital Keypad comes with default engraved buttons (shown at right). Custom engraved buttons are available. Each keypad also includes 8 dry contact inputs on the reverse, regardless of the number of buttons on the front. All contacts, even those not associated to a specific front button, are programmed to output SDN commands for the control of intelligent motors on the network.

Connections & Indicators

Somfy Motor Controller Board

Spec Sheet

Somfy Rain & Wind Sensor for Atlanta Porches

Whatever Mother Nature Has in Store, Somfy Has You Covered!

Always there…. Rain or Shine.

Somfy Rain & Wind Sensor for Atlanta PorchesSomfy is proud to offer the Ondeis WireFree™ RTS Rain and Sun Sensor, the first totally wireless rain and sun sensor on the market. The Ondeis WireFree™ RTS Rain and Sun Sensor offers automatic protection from the elements, while providing important energy savings.

Solar-powered and totally wireless, the Ondeis will protect your customers’ outdoor products from the rain. Automatically retract awnings, exterior screens or rolling shutters when the rain starts to pour, or extend shading to keep cooling costs low.

Easy to Customize

The Ondeis has six modes of operation and is compatible with all new and existing Radio Technology Somfy®(RTS) motorized awnings, exterior screens, and rolling shutters. Choose between rain or sun protection, or turn on both at once.

Wind & Rain Sensor for retractable screen systems

Easy to Install

The Ondeis is easy to install, requires no wiring, and can mount flat, on a pole, or even on the gutter thanks to an additional gutter mount. Easy-to-read LED indicator lights will let you know which function is working.

Protection for Exterior Products

Protect exterior products from rain damage with a sensor that quickly responds to changes in weather, whether customers are at home or away. Plus the Ondeis can be combined it with Somfy’s Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor for complete weather protection.

Motorized Screen and Solar Shade Anti-Blocking Systems (ABS)

Motorized Retractable Solar Screen Installer, Atlanta, GeorgiaMotorized solar screens and solar shades offer a modern look with practical, energy-efficient benefits. They also provide instant privacy and allow for easy access to hard to reach window coverings. Motorized solar screens and shades absorb heat and reduce glare all while having a quite striking appearance on your house or business.

Combine solar screens and shades with a state of the art, high-tech, Somfy motor  system and you can enjoy a home automation experience that not long ago, was financially out of reach. Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. With the push of a button located on the wall, a remote control, or your mobile phone you can operate these motorized screens and solar shades with ease. You can also operate these screens and shades from your vacation spot via the Internet or have them setup to open and close on a schedule.

Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta has worked closely with Somfy motor systems for years to provide you with the best solar screen and solar shade motors available. Somfy motors is a world leader in specialized motors and control systems for exterior screens and solar shades, rolling shutters, interior shades, blinds, retractable awnings, and projection screens for commercial and residential. Somfy shares Peachtree Blinds’ reputation as a service orientated manufacturer and together we provide a quality and service for our customers that is unsurpassed by any other exterior screen and shade company.

Braking System for Electric Retractable ScreensSomfy motors latest development is the anti-blocking system (ABS) wheel. This (ABS) wheel was development for new and existing motorized zip screen applications. It works by detecting obstacles in the track or path of screen operation and stops the motor within .5 seconds avoiding fabric unroll, a zip that falls out of its track or guide, or any other damage to the screen system. This safety feature also protects children and the customer’s belongings.

This new anti-blocking system is compatible with the 400 and 500 series motors and is easy to install. Contact your professional Atlanta Motorized Solar Screen Installer today to discuss adding this feature to your existing screen system or to find out more about the vast benefits of installing motorized solar screens and shades! (770) 664-0027

SunPro motorized patio screens

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