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Motorized Patio Shades
Atlanta, GA

Style and comfort for your outdoor space. Insect control, privacy and protection from the weather all at the touch of a button.

Imagine a world without a fixed screen to obstruct the view from your patio, porch, lanai, veranda, or balcony. Imagine a world where at the touch of a button you instantly screen your exterior living space. Imagine a world where you can leave your garage door wide open and work freely with superb ventilation and protection from pesky bugs and mosquitos. Whether you are looking for pest protection, solar protection, or privacy, our SunPro Motorized Retractable Screens are versatile and serve many purposes. Motion Screens transform any architectural openings into a desired and functional living space.

Motorized Screen Applications:

Screened Porches:
Enjoy and convert this traditional living space from fixed screens to a non-traditional product. With our SunPro Motorized Power Screens you touch a button and instantly screen your porch or patio on demand.

Garage Doors:
Turn your garage into yet another type of living space to work or hang out in. Simply bring your garage door up, watch as your Power Screen rolls down to screen the garage for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Seasonal Rooms:
With our solid clear vinyl material, you can convert any space into a real four season room. Mostly commonly installed on homes, there is a fast growing use of this product for commercial applications.

Privacy Screen:
We carry a complete slate of privacy screen materials for you to choose from. With our Motorized Privacy Screens you can have privacy for that hot tub on the deck or an exposed room in the house.

Solar Screens:
Our Motorized Solar Screens offer privacy, safe sun screening and secure shading. You choose your own customized design, color, screen type, and sun sensor and watch as your screens operate automatically.

Installation Options:
Customized to each building project, our SunPro Motorized Retractable Screens merge perfectly with the décor to maintain the integrity of your design. These retractable screens can be recessed from view, or mounted on existing structures. Our Motorized Retractable Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.

SunPro Patio/Porch Screen Colors

Our motorized retractable screens come in 7 stocked colors: Off White, White, Tan, Champagne, Brown, Bronze, Black

Custom paint color is available and we can match most colors available on the RAL chart, even wood-grain. Custom paint is a special order.

Screen/Fabric Mesh

Our motorized retractable shades are available with a vast array of screen and fabric options from manufacturers.

  • Twitchell: NANO 55/60, Textilene 90%, and Textilene 95% NANO
  • Phifer: TuffScreen, SunTex 90, and SunTex 95
  • Recasens USA: RecScreen 5000P 95%
  • Serge Ferrari: Soltis 86, 88 and 92 as well as their Blackouts
  • Dickson: SunWorker

Clear Vinyl Motorized Shades

  • Sattler: 745 FR Vinyl
  • Serge Ferrari: Precontraint 502 Vinyl
  • Regalite Fenestra: 20 Gauge Clear

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