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EZVue™ Porch & Patio Window System

Convert your existing Atlanta screen porch or patio into a 3 Season Sunroom with EZVue 4 Track Vinyl Sliding Windows and Doors.

Atlanta Porch Enclosures – EZ Vue Windows

When the warm weather returns each year, we Georgians go through a sort of emotional roller coaster ride. The welcome song of birds, the hum of lawn mowers, and the tantalizing aromas of summer barbeques adorn the air with a cheerful smile and make the cold, rainy winter seem like a long-distant memory. Suddenly you find yourself with beads of perspiration on your forehead, gnats pestering your face and mosquitoes biting your ankles. There is a long trail of ants occupying your deck rail and even in the morning’s cool hours, if you leave the back door to your patio open, you get house flies buzzing inside your home.
Atlanta Patio Enclosures

Sound familiar? Well, just imagine a simple, handsome and cost-effective solution that would allow you to maximize your comfort, your convenience and your freedom all the while adding significant value to your home. Atlanta Patio Enclosure systems from Peachtree Blinds do just that.

EZ-Vue Atlanta Porch Enclosures

Your porch, patio, deck, gazebo, or pool are there for a reason. You love that touch of outdoor living. So why not get more of what you love? EZ Vue is a big improvement over screens and an even bigger improvement over the open air.

Custom made for you favorite outdoor spaces. EZ Vue enclosures let cool breezes in and keep bad weather out, making outdoor spaces more inviting. This versatile enclosure system features vents that slide either vertically or horizontally to fit your needs. Fixed vents are also available to accommodate spaces above your vertical- or horizontal-sliding vents, allowing for incredible floor-to-ceiling views.

Key Features of Our Porch/Patio Windows

  • Vents are glazed with 10-mil vinyl, available in Clear, Bronze or Grey tints
  • Durable, Extruded Aluminum Frames
  • 4 stock colors- white- bronze- sanstone- almond
  • Custom colors available
  • Custom-made to fit any size opening 60″ wide to 100″ high
  • Memory Vinyl returns to original shape withing minutes or if distorted
  • Panels remove for easy cleaning from the inside
  • Available SunScreen reduces solar heat in the summer and adds privacy
  • Special pet-resistant Pet Screening is also available in Black
  • Sturdy extruded aluminum frames come with integrated full screen
  • Spring loaded sashes can slide up or down to create 75% ventilation