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Motorized Patio Shades – Chattanooga, TN

Peachtree Blinds specializes in motorized retractable screens for all homes and businesses. Give your pool, gazebo, patio, balcony, porch, or garage the comfort and versatility of motorized screens. Chattanooga businesses such as hotels, restaurants and country clubs can transform their outdoor spaces into professional and welcoming locations for their customers.

patio shade dealer Chattanooga TN

At Peachtree Blinds, we have decades of experience. The skills and expertise we’ve acquired over time mean our jobs are done professionally and within budget. Our primary goal is to provide our Chattanooga, Tennessee customers with adjustable and easy to use motorized screens for their comfort and enjoyment. We work with our customers to give them the best option for their space at the best possible price.

Motorized retractable screens have a variety of uses for homes and businesses in the Chattanooga area. They are an easy and elegant way to improve any building. Some of their uses include:

  • Screen porches. Enclose any porch, balcony, patio, or other outdoor space with motorized screens for complete comfort. Regular screens make space feel trapped and obstruct the view, but motorized screens offer the best way to enjoy outdoor living spaces. With the push of a button, your porch transforms to fit the purpose and occasion.
  • Garage doors. There are times when you might be working in your garage and want the privacy of the door closed but the natural light and breeze of the outdoors. Motorized screens solve this problem easily, offering full ventilation and light without leaving the garage open to the elements and the neighborhood. Whether you use your garage as a workshop, car storage, or entertainment space, motorized retractable shades will revamp the space for its full potential.
  • Seasonal rooms. Patios are great for the summertime and nice weather, but we often ignore them when the weather turns sour. Motorized retractable shades allow you to get the most out of your house. The screens offer protection from insects and the sun in summer, wind in the autumn and winter, and rain in the spring. With retractable screens, there is no reason not to use your patio all year round. Consider turning your outdoor spaces into a seasonal room for year-round family comfort.
  • Privacy. Motorized screens offer privacy with the push of a button. They are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, soaking in the hot tub, or just reading a book. There’s no need to worry about prying eyes or disruptions with motorized shades, so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your privacy.
  • Protection from the weather. Whether it’s too sunny, too rainy, or too windy, motorized screens are there to protect you. They block out harmful UV rays and you can easily adjust them to follow the changing position of the sun. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of adjusting them yourself, certain models come with sun and wind sensors to do the work for you. An enclosed space with screens will have temperatures 10 to 20 degrees lower than the outdoors.
  • Protection from pests. The worst thing about spring and summer is the bugs. Retractable screens offer the full enjoyment of the summer sun and the fresh spring breeze without the annoyance of flies, mosquitos, bees, or wasps. Enjoy eating on the patio without bugs taking a bite of you.

motorized retractable screens Tennessee

The Chattanooga motorized retractable shades from Peachtree Blinds come with several advanced features for complete comfort, function, and aesthetic quality. We make our solar screens specifically for your Tennessee home and your unique needs. The motorized screens we install activate with the touch of a button and fit in seamlessly with the architecture of your home. We leverage our expertise to ensure that our solutions complement the beauty of your home and never detract from it. With stylish standard colors and beautiful custom colors to choose from, coupled with your choice of screening material, our screens are guaranteed to fit your needs and accommodate virtually any type of opening.

  • Sizing. Our screens reach a maximum distance of 40 feet, so you can rest assured that our product will fit your space. We offer custom screens for each space and we work with our customers to come up with the best solutions for their building. Screen mountings are available.
  • Style matching. It is important to us that our screens work well and look good. There is nothing attractive about motorized screens sticking out obviously against a beautiful home. The best screens and mountings fit seamlessly into the architecture and style of the home. Our motorized screen mounts are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, such as concrete, wood grain, stucco, natural stone, brick, and many more. We make our products to look good in your home.
  • Automation. Chattanooga motorized retractable screens are completely automatic for your ease. You can control them via a wall mounted remote, handheld controller, or a smartphone app. Some screens can automatically raise and lower themselves as determined by sensors or timers. The level of automation is up to your preference.
  • Made In USA. Universal Screens manufactures all of our screens in the USA. We support US manufacturing and stand by other American businesses because they deliver high-quality products.
  • Tracks. Motorized retractable screens run via parallel visible surface mounted tracks or hidden tracks recessed in the walls. They are weighted at the bottom to ensure they stay on their tracks during movement. This state of the art system allows smooth motion every time.
  • Professional installation. Our team at Peachtree Blinds has extensive training and practice in the installation of motorized retractable screens. Our professionals not only install the system correctly the first time, they also advise our customers on the best options and design the system that will best suit their home or business.
  • Lifetime limited warranty. We are not afraid to say that we have top quality products, services, and workmanship. That is why we back up our work with limited lifetime warranties on all projects. We assure our customers that they will get beautiful, custom screens that improve their home.

Motorized retractable screens offer flexible options for any Chattanooga outdoor space. You can enjoy the summer warmth without the insects. You can take a soak in the hot tub in privacy. You can work on a home improvement project with ventilation and natural light. Respond to the weather with the ease of pressing a button and create a space the entire family can enjoy all year long.

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