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Atlanta Motorized Patio Shades

5 Reasons to Install a Motorized Patio Screen in Winter

While upgrading the patio might not be the first thing most of us think of when it comes to winter projects, there are several reasons that winter is the perfect time to upgrade your patio by installing a motorized screen. Let’s take a quick look at some reasons you shouldn’t wait until spring to start improving your outdoor living space.

Atlanta Motorized Patio Shades

  1. Enjoy Spring
  2. One of the best reasons to install a motorized screen for your patio now is that the space will be ready to enjoy when spring arrives. Wouldn’t you rather be able to lounge in your patio behind your new porch screens on the first warm day than waste precious sunshine waiting for the screens to be installed?

  3. Avoid Landscaping Damage
  4. Embarking on any home renovation project always involves a lot of traipsing back and forth carrying materials and equipment. Installing your motorized patio screen in winter minimizes the damage to the lawn vegetation because it will be dormant for the winter anyway.

  5. Better Timing
  6. While you might be tempted to wait until spring to start the installation, spring weather has a few drawbacks. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! Waiting for spring could mean finding yourself tackling the installation in the rain. Rain often leads to mud, and the last thing you want is to be making a mess of your lawn and tracking muddy footprints in and out of your living space.

  7. Enjoy It Now
  8. Another perk of getting started right away is that you can enjoy your outdoor living space through the winter. How? Along with your motorized, retractable screen, you can also install an infrared heating system to keep the space comfy and useable all year around.

  9. Contractor Availability
  10. During spring, you may struggle to wrangle a contractor. You are much more likely to have a quick and efficient installation in winter as more contractors are available during that time. Spring is just about the busiest season for contractors, many of whom will start on bigger projects and may not prioritize your patio project.

Upgrading your patio is easier with Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta. We offer a range of custom products, including patio screens, patio shades, and even screens that block UV rays. Our Somfy Motors motorized screens come with a five-year warranty and are trusted by over 270 million people worldwide. Contact Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta today to learn more about upgrading your patio.