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Atlanta Outdoor Patio Spaces

The Finest Qualities of Modern Indoor-Outdoor Patio Spaces

Atlanta Outdoor Patio SpacesYour patio is the transitional space that connects you to the outdoors when summer arrives. Different configurations range from completely enclosed spaces, often called four-season rooms, to screen porches and open stone patios or wooden decks by the pool. The possibilities are endless when you design your outdoor living space. If you are looking to build a new patio or improve an existing area, keep patio screens in mind, as they offer protection from the sun and mosquitoes while allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of summer life. Check out these ideas that may inspire your creativity for your new patio.

Keep It Covered

Atlanta Retractable AwningsOpen patios by the pool are a great place to get a tan, but you want part of your outdoor living space to remain free of rain. For a truly functional space that you can use any warm day of the year, be sure to invest in a roof structure or awning of some kind over your patio. Gazebos are a classic option, and many modern home designs have a covered patio built-in, but if these options don’t fit your home’s particulars, investing in a structure over your outdoor space is well worth the money.

Open Up Your Home

The dooAtlanta Motorized Patio Shadesrs that lead from your interior to the exterior space are a huge factor in combining your outdoor and indoor living areas. Consider large glass sliding doors or garage-type doors that open up your home to the outside on beautiful days. This design element often fits seamlessly with contemporary open floor plans.

Outdoor shades are a critical element to any great patio space. These screens help keep you and your guests out of the sun’s harsh rays while you enjoy the summer breeze and protection from bug bites and other little creatures that may try to invade your space. Motorized outdoor shades are a favorite because of the ease they provide in opening the space up to the outside.

Keep Design Elements Consistent

No matter what set-up you choose for your patio space, be sure to keep your overall design in mind. Just like the interior of your home, you want every part of your outdoor areas to have unique qualities but still flow from one area to another without jarring the senses. Stick with a general color scheme and use texture to create depth as you move from the enclosed patio to the deck and the garden.

When you design your patio, keep these ideas in mind and combine them with your wishes to create a space that will serve as your refuge and summer gathering spot for years to come.