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Atlanta Backyard Barbeque

Planning the Perfect Backyard Barbeque

Atlanta backyard motorized retractable screens

The temps may be cooling down, but backyard barbeques are still in full swing. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, close friends and family are still getting together to celebrate everything from birthdays to bar mitzvahs. And as you may already know, planning a barbeque for large groups of people can be tricky and more costly than anticipated if you plan poorly. From buying the right amount of food to the placement of trash receptacles, these simple ideas will make sure your party is the gold standard among your friends and family.

  • Can I Take Your Order – In this super-convenient informational age, you can find an online barbeque planner that will help you determine meals calculated on such things as the number of adults, children, vegetarians, and even favorite meats. This first step will save you the most amount of money while still providing a satisfying meal for everyone attending.
  • The Early Bird Eats the Worm – This may seem like an obvious step, but many people overlook it in the bustle of everyday life. Inform your guests early on what you are intending to cook and ask for feedback on food allergies. Once you have all the information you need, make a complete shopping list, and buy the food.
  • Play It Again, Sam (alternatively: That’s My Jam) – Today it is easier than ever to have your favorite tunes playing in the background while you engage in outdoor social events. The cheapest way to do this is to buy a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker and play your music directly from a phone or tablet.
  • How Cool Is That – Another seemingly obvious step that can be easy to overlook is having ice and refrigeration on hand, usually in the form of portable coolers. There are plenty of barbeque designs that allow for actual outdoor refrigerators, but if you are looking for an affordable option, then coolers are the way to go.
  • Have a Seat – It’s a good idea to set up seating zones to ensure there is going to be enough room for everyone. If you have the room, add tables or stands near each zone for people to set food and drinks on.
  • How Do You Want That Cooked – It’s a good idea to separate the meat by how cooked it is. Make it easy for guests to identify the Rare, Medium, and Well-Done trays of meat. This avoids confusion, as well as throwing away expensive meat.
  • Take Out the Trash – Provide enough receptacles close by each seating zone. After filling up on food and drink, guests may not feel like a long trek to the garbage receptacle.
  • Stop Bugging Me – The biggest pest that will show up to your party is the inevitable irritating insects that gravitate to picnics and barbeques. You can buy Tiki torches and citronella candles, but they don’t work for mosquitos. One consideration is purchasing a set of motorized patio shades or motorized retractable screens, depending on where your barbeque is set up. They not only provide a bug-free zone for preparing and cooking the food, but they also keep the sun out of your eyes as the day wears on. Since you will be busy preparing food, the use of a remote control to conveniently operate your system is invaluable.
  • Turn on the Lights – Backyard barbeques can sometimes go from being an all-day affair to an evening party. Be prepared for this by distributing lighting to make it easier and safer for guests to navigate by.

You are now well on your way to throwing the best barbeque your friends and family have ever attended. Sit back and bask in the admiration as the compliments keep rolling in. One last piece of advice – make sure you’re a good cook!