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4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Active Outside This Summer

Atlanta Patio ScreensIn the past year, everyone has spent more time at home. Many families have struggled to maintain a schedule or order with kids learning virtually and parents working from home. With summer break fast approaching, parents probably feel concerned about entertaining their little ones through the summer months without school. However, with a bit of forethought and creativity, this summer can be fun and relaxing for the whole family. If you’ve run out of ways to entertain your kids at home, here are some ideas to keep them entertained all summer long.

Build An Obstacle Course

You’d be surprised how simple it is to build a backyard obstacle course with things you already have at home. Set out hula hoops, pool noodles, plastic slides, jump ropes, and any other outdoor toys you can think of. Show your kids how to maneuver the obstacle course and set different challenges. For example, have them go through backward, on one foot, while singing the ABCs. They’ll get invested in the competitive aspect and keep them active in the process.

Draw A Town

If you have a driveway, have your kids create a miniature map of roads, houses, stores, and other favorite places on the concrete with chalk. Then, they can bring their toys outside to navigate the town. It’s a great way to foster creativity and is a multi-step game that will keep them busy for several hours.


Throwback Games

Don’t forget about your favorite childhood games. Teach your little ones and their friends about games like SPUD, kick the can, hopscotch, kickball, capture the flag, and others. These games are classics for a reason, and just because kids have electronics and distractions doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy them as much as you did. You’ll probably surprise yourself by how many memories these games bring back — they may even encourage you to join in the fun!

Provide All Weather Protection

One of the most important ways to keep your kids outside during the summer is to make them as comfortable as possible. When sunburn and bug bites get in the way, kids often opt to be indoors where it is comfortable. By installing solar screens, patio shades, and porch screens, you can protect your kids from UV rays and pests and ensure that they don’t risk their health or safety. Many of these are available in motorized screens and retractable screens, making them a valuable asset to your home, as well as a way to protect your family. You’ll likely find that the whole family wants to spend more time outside when unbothered by harsh sunlight glare, mosquito disturbances, and other outdoor annoyances that drive many people indoors.

By making your yard, porch, and patio more livable, you give yourself more room to breathe. The last year has not been easy on anyone, but it has arguably been hardest on parents who cannot send their kids to daycare, school, or play dates like normal. While some summer programs may open this year, there will be significant pressure on parents to provide summertime entertainment.

To ensure that you and your kids have a fun and stress-free summer, you should begin your plans to install your screens and shades today.

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Tips To Have Your Best Summer Barbecue Yet

Atlanta retractable screensSummertime is a special time of year. No matter where you live, the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine can quickly boost anyone’s mood. Many people love summertime for a ton of different reasons, but there is no denying the attraction of a good old-fashioned summer barbecue. After the year we’ve all experienced, this summer’s barbecues are bound to be extra-full of good times and memories. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you host the best cookouts on the block.

Set Up Games

Sure, barbecues are an activity on their own. However, few can resist the pull of a set of ladder golf or bags. These activities can get the party started and give your guests options to move about while the food cooks. Bring out your favorite card or board games for later on when guests may feel like sitting but still need something to do.

Create a Signature Drink

Researching and mixing up a new cocktail or mocktail is a great way to make the party feel extra-special. The mixture doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and there are thousands of online options for every taste. Most guests will at least try one, and it may even become a crowd favorite.

Bring Out The Chalk

welcome chalk art
Sidewalk chalk is great for kids, but you’d be surprised how many adults enjoy doodling too. Especially if you have a cement patio or sidewalk in your yard, encourage your guests to draw a little something to commemorate. If you don’t have such an area accessible to you, setting out some markers and adult coloring books or sheets of plain paper can inspire more fun and creativity than you may realize.

Buy Food Options

backyard barbeque

Everyone is on a different diet these days. Whether we agree with it or not, it’s good to make sure that your bases are covered when it comes to food. Buy some grillable veggies for your vegetarian friends, and set outside dishes like fresh fruit, chips and salsa, or a vegetable platter as well. Those with dietary restrictions can feel at home, and you’ll give your other guests a wider array of options than simply a hot dog or hamburger.

Provide Shade and Bug Protection

One of the best ways to ensure your barbecue is a hit is to make sure that your guests are protected from harmful UV rays and disease-carrying pests. By installing patio shades, porch screens, and solar screens in your yard, you can be sure that your guests always have the option to feel comfortable and safe at your barbecues. These perks add value to your home and make your outdoor living space even more enjoyable. You’ll certainly spend more time outside with the peace of mind that these screens bring, and they’ll take your barbecues to the next level for this summer and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for motorized screens, retractable screens, or shades for your home, the time to install is now. Summer may not be here yet, but it will be soon, and it is best to prepare now. After all, no one can throw a quality barbecue with last-minute planning.

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How Motorized Screens Can Help Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Atlanta Motorized Screens
Buying or building a new home is an exciting venture, and it can be tempting to imagine that once you’ve settled in, you’ll never have to move again. But the truth is that there are all sorts of scenarios that could lead you to decide that it’s time for a new residence. New job opportunities, wanting to be closer to certain family members, or changes in the amount of square footage needed are all possible reasons to seek out new ground. When doing so, one of the most important steps in your transition is taking care of the sale of your current residence. This is why paying attention to your resale value is such an important part of being an owner. Failing to do so can put you in a very precarious financial place should you ever need to sell. Fortunately, there are a number of cost-effective, simple ways to increase your resale value, and one of those ways is by installing motorized solar screens.

In general, solar screens are fairly popular home additions, as they effectively protect the interior of your home from excess UV rays and help keep your heating bills under control. Motorized solar screens are screens that have become automated with the addition of motorization features, making it easier than ever to adjust the amount of heat and light each area of your home is exposed to.

Automated control at your fingertipsIn general, smart homes outfitted with all sorts of automated features are becoming more and more popular, making houses reliant solely on manually operated blinds less attractive. With the click of a button, you can choose to set your solar screens to your desired configuration with exact precision. The lack of manual cords is also safer for families with young children, an attractive feature to potential buyers.

Beyond the direct benefits of motorization, one of the greatest strengths of motorized solar screens is the added versatility they offer in regard to how spaces are used in a home. Exterior facing rooms can easily become indoor-outdoor rooms, to be repurposed based on the needs of the current homeowners. With the increased popularity of decks, patios, sunrooms, and other outdoor-related spaces, this is a huge benefit.

Another feature of solar screens is the ability to protect the actual materials and furniture inside your home. Sun damage is often somewhat of an invisible threat. It occurs over long periods of time and may at first go completely unnoticed. But eventually, patches of discoloration and faded surfaces may begin to appear on your belongings, at which point it is too late to repair the damage. Solar screens are an effective barrier, shielding your property from harmful UV rays so that everything continues to look pristine years after your initial move-in date.

These are just a few of the possible benefits to be gained when installing motorized solar screens. Choosing to do so will not only allow you to reap those benefits while still in possession of the home but also ensure that future potential buyers will appreciate the value of your property. The best part is that solar screens are extremely affordable, allowing you to make significant improvements to your home at reduced costs.

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Choosing the Best Shading System for Your Home

Atlanta Motorized Solar ScreensInstalling a shading system for your Atlanta home can be an extremely effective way of reducing energy costs while ensuring that the interior of the house remains comfortable all year round. However, there are multiple shading systems available in the market. Two relatively popular options are retractable awnings and motorized solar screens. Both tick off all of the main requirements for a solid shading system, leaving many wondering which might be best. The truth is that while both are very similar in terms of the benefits they offer, their individual designs make them slightly more appropriate in some situations than others. Depending on the design of your house and your particular needs, you might discover that one solution is much more relevant to you than the other.

What Both Systems Have in Common

For starters, both systems were created with the intent of providing homeowners with protection from the sun. While some amount of exposure to natural sunlight is healthy, excessive UV rays can be harmful, in addition to increasing the temperature of your home and forcing you to deal with increased energy bills.

In addition, both retractable awnings and solar screens with motorization allow for a wide amount of flexibility. Depending on the weather or your intended use of a certain space, you can adjust your awning or screen as needed, adjusting the amount of UV rays and natural light that are blocked.

Individual Factors to Consider

One of the biggest differences, in addition to protecting the inside of your home from the sun, is that retractable awnings also provide a moderate amount of shade to areas outside the house. Homeowners who would like a versatile shading system that enables them to step outside onto a cozy porch or balcony would benefit from installing this particular system. Retractable awnings also provide shelter against precipitation, allowing residents to keep their windows open to a degree without fear of ending up with rain inside the house.

This is extremely useful if your main concern is in protecting your home and outdoor spaces from being impacted by visible sunlight. However, when using awnings, your windows remain uninsulated, which can continue to invite outside heat into your home. Solar screens, on the other hand, are very effective insulators.

Another key difference is visibility. When fully extended, awnings allow homeowners with unobstructed visibility in regard to the outdoors while blocking overhead light. However, when fully retracted, awnings can significantly block your view. Homeowners can generally decide how fully they would like their awning to be retracted, and as such determine how much to limit visibility. However, on days of extreme weather or high winds, awnings must be retracted for safety.

Meanwhile, solar screens can be fully raised or lowered without any additional effects. In addition, solar screens are available with varying degrees of transparency, allowing more or less light through. As such, homeowners can decide if they would prefer a model that allows for more visibility even when using the motorization feature to keep them lowered to the fullest extent.

Ultimately, while both systems are effective solutions to protect your home from excessive heat, each has unique benefits more suitable for specific scenarios. Determining which of those are most applicable to your situation will be the key to concluding which system is best for you.

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3 Wintertime Benefits of Solar Screens

Atlanta Solar ScreensWhen people think of solar screens, they usually think of the various ways in which these can prove useful in the summer. After all, the most oft-touted usage of this item is as a shading system that can protect you from harmful UV rays and excessive heat, both of which are most commonly encountered in the hot summer months. As such, many residents with solar screens installed may be wondering how best to handle their screens in the winter. Should they be removed? The short answer is no. But to fully understand that answer, it’s best to go over the main reasons why solar screens are actually very useful in the cooler months as well.

  1. Protection From Any Harmful Effects of the Sun All Year Long
    While the days certainly feel much colder in the winter, the sun doesn’t stop shining. That means that all the same potential hazards from the sun are just as present in the winter as they are in the summer. Solar screens can serve as a shield, preventing most of the UV rays from the sun from penetrating the interior of your house. Not only is this safer for your health, but it also ensures that your belongings don’t suffer from the fading and discoloration commonly associated with sun damage, including household decor, furniture, and even flooring.A sun-related issue that is more specific to the winter months is glare. When the ground is coated in snow, it becomes a powerfully reflective surface. Sunlight reflected off of the snow creates a strong glare that can be at best uncomfortable to look at, and at worst harmful to your eyes. That’s one of the main reasons why those interested in winter sports, like skiing or snowboarding, must wear protective eye gear. Solar screens can reduce the glare, ensuring that you remain comfortable within your home.
  2. Increased Privacy With Earlier Sunsets
    A natural part of cycling into winter is a change in the amount of daylight we experience on a daily basis. The summer often features earlier sunrises and later sunsets, resulting in an overall increase in the amount of daylight. In winter, we experience the opposite, with the sun setting as early as 3:30 PM in certain parts of the country. At first, this may seem like a strange way to approach a discussion about privacy. However, consider the fact that when we have decreased amounts of natural light, we generally compensate with increased amounts of artificial light. When glancing into a neighbor’s window from out on the sidewalk during the day, the result is generally a shadowy, relatively concealed view. Glancing into that same window at night is a different story. It is far easier to see into a person’s home when it’s dark out and their lights are on.Because solar screens are designed to block out amounts of natural light during the day, they can also serve as privacy screens to block out amounts of artificial light during the night. While these are not the same as blackout curtains, they can effectively obscure the interior of your home from view to protect you and your family from the scrutiny of strangers.
  3. Insulation Is Just As Necessary In the Winter as It Is In the Summer
    The purpose of insulation is to serve as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer from one space into another. Consider some of the most popular insulated bottles and thermoses available for purchase. Most of the products available advertise their capabilities for keeping their contents warm or cold for long periods of time. The key to good insulation is the ability to preserve temperature, regardless of what that initial temperature might have been. The same applies to insulation on your windows. In the summer, solar screens insulate your windows to prevent the heat from the outside leaking in and the coolness of your home from leaking out. In the winter, the same solar screens do the opposite, keeping the cold outside separate from the warmth inside.

No matter the time of year, solar screens continue to serve as an effective tool to reduce energy costs and keep your Atlanta home family safe and comfortable.

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5 Tips for Enjoying Outdoor Living In Winter

Do you love being outdoors but dislike cold weather? If so, you are not alone. Winter is a difficult season for many people who relish the outdoors, but not the cold elements. There is a reason so many of us prefer staying indoors during these short cold days, cuddled up on the couch under a blanket, watching our favorite series on Netflix instead of spending time in the wintery backyard. However, winter can be a great time to enjoy nature if you take a few steps to prepare your space for cold-weather comfort.

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Bring the Indoors Out

The key to enjoying outdoor living during colder months is bringing the indoors outside. A patio, gazebo, pergola, or enclosed porch is one of the best ways to experience the fresh air and calming sights of nature while still having the comforts of indoors. Installing quality patio shades is a good way to protect you from wind and other elements in your outdoor space. At the same time, there are some other measures you can take to enclose the area, like stapling clear plastic over windows and openings. Aside from enclosing it, there are a few easier ways you can make your space winter-friendly.

    1. Light up the Space

Whatever space you are preparing for winter use, whether it’s a gazebo, patio, or porch, stringing up some hanging lights can go a long way. Warm-toned lights are best, as they will give off a cozier and more warming glow. Some of the most effective options are café string lights, festive accent lights to add color and depth, as well as twinkle LED lights strung in bushes or trees nearby.

    1. Use Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are a bit more of an investment, but if your outdoor space is not enclosed (and you can’t use a space heater), they are a great way to keep toasty warm even on the coldest evenings.

    1. Create Your Own Warmth

Another great way to make a desirable outdoor gathering place is by installing a fire ring, firepit, or outdoor fireplace. Fires generate a lot of heat without racking up a huge electric bill. There is also something very peaceful and sometimes a little festive about sitting around a fire on a chilly winter evening.

    1. Decorate

The right furniture, decorations, and other adornments can go a long way in making your outdoor space feel more inviting. Throw a thick rug on the floor, put up a canopy, and choose some plush furniture. The warmer the colors you use to decorate (think red, orange, bronze, or purple), the cozier the space will feel. Bring out a few thick, fuzzy blankets, and you are ready to enjoy!

    1. Enclose It

Of course, nothing will give you a more enjoyable four-season outdoor space than building an enclosed patio.

Contact Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta to learn more about creating the perfect outdoor space. Or visit us online to choose from our huge selection of custom goods, including retractable screens, motorized screens, and a variety of quality porch screens that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

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5 Reasons to Install a Motorized Patio Screen in Winter

While upgrading the patio might not be the first thing most of us think of when it comes to winter projects, there are several reasons that winter is the perfect time to upgrade your patio by installing a motorized screen. Let’s take a quick look at some reasons you shouldn’t wait until spring to start improving your outdoor living space.

Atlanta Motorized Patio Shades

  1. Enjoy Spring
  2. One of the best reasons to install a motorized screen for your patio now is that the space will be ready to enjoy when spring arrives. Wouldn’t you rather be able to lounge in your patio behind your new porch screens on the first warm day than waste precious sunshine waiting for the screens to be installed?

  3. Avoid Landscaping Damage
  4. Embarking on any home renovation project always involves a lot of traipsing back and forth carrying materials and equipment. Installing your motorized patio screen in winter minimizes the damage to the lawn vegetation because it will be dormant for the winter anyway.

  5. Better Timing
  6. While you might be tempted to wait until spring to start the installation, spring weather has a few drawbacks. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! Waiting for spring could mean finding yourself tackling the installation in the rain. Rain often leads to mud, and the last thing you want is to be making a mess of your lawn and tracking muddy footprints in and out of your living space.

  7. Enjoy It Now
  8. Another perk of getting started right away is that you can enjoy your outdoor living space through the winter. How? Along with your motorized, retractable screen, you can also install an infrared heating system to keep the space comfy and useable all year around.

  9. Contractor Availability
  10. During spring, you may struggle to wrangle a contractor. You are much more likely to have a quick and efficient installation in winter as more contractors are available during that time. Spring is just about the busiest season for contractors, many of whom will start on bigger projects and may not prioritize your patio project.

Upgrading your patio is easier with Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta. We offer a range of custom products, including patio screens, patio shades, and even screens that block UV rays. Our Somfy Motors motorized screens come with a five-year warranty and are trusted by over 270 million people worldwide. Contact Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta today to learn more about upgrading your patio.

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The Finest Qualities of Modern Indoor-Outdoor Patio Spaces

Atlanta Outdoor Patio SpacesYour patio is the transitional space that connects you to the outdoors when summer arrives. Different configurations range from completely enclosed spaces, often called four-season rooms, to screen porches and open stone patios or wooden decks by the pool. The possibilities are endless when you design your outdoor living space. If you are looking to build a new patio or improve an existing area, keep patio screens in mind, as they offer protection from the sun and mosquitoes while allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of summer life. Check out these ideas that may inspire your creativity for your new patio.

Keep It Covered

Atlanta Retractable AwningsOpen patios by the pool are a great place to get a tan, but you want part of your outdoor living space to remain free of rain. For a truly functional space that you can use any warm day of the year, be sure to invest in a roof structure or awning of some kind over your patio. Gazebos are a classic option, and many modern home designs have a covered patio built-in, but if these options don’t fit your home’s particulars, investing in a structure over your outdoor space is well worth the money.

Open Up Your Home

The dooAtlanta Motorized Patio Shadesrs that lead from your interior to the exterior space are a huge factor in combining your outdoor and indoor living areas. Consider large glass sliding doors or garage-type doors that open up your home to the outside on beautiful days. This design element often fits seamlessly with contemporary open floor plans.

Outdoor shades are a critical element to any great patio space. These screens help keep you and your guests out of the sun’s harsh rays while you enjoy the summer breeze and protection from bug bites and other little creatures that may try to invade your space. Motorized outdoor shades are a favorite because of the ease they provide in opening the space up to the outside.

Keep Design Elements Consistent

No matter what set-up you choose for your patio space, be sure to keep your overall design in mind. Just like the interior of your home, you want every part of your outdoor areas to have unique qualities but still flow from one area to another without jarring the senses. Stick with a general color scheme and use texture to create depth as you move from the enclosed patio to the deck and the garden.

When you design your patio, keep these ideas in mind and combine them with your wishes to create a space that will serve as your refuge and summer gathering spot for years to come.

Atlanta Backyard Barbeque

Planning the Perfect Backyard Barbeque

Atlanta backyard motorized retractable screens

The temps may be cooling down, but backyard barbeques are still in full swing. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, close friends and family are still getting together to celebrate everything from birthdays to bar mitzvahs. And as you may already know, planning a barbeque for large groups of people can be tricky and more costly than anticipated if you plan poorly. From buying the right amount of food to the placement of trash receptacles, these simple ideas will make sure your party is the gold standard among your friends and family.

  • Can I Take Your Order – In this super-convenient informational age, you can find an online barbeque planner that will help you determine meals calculated on such things as the number of adults, children, vegetarians, and even favorite meats. This first step will save you the most amount of money while still providing a satisfying meal for everyone attending.
  • The Early Bird Eats the Worm – This may seem like an obvious step, but many people overlook it in the bustle of everyday life. Inform your guests early on what you are intending to cook and ask for feedback on food allergies. Once you have all the information you need, make a complete shopping list, and buy the food.
  • Play It Again, Sam (alternatively: That’s My Jam) – Today it is easier than ever to have your favorite tunes playing in the background while you engage in outdoor social events. The cheapest way to do this is to buy a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker and play your music directly from a phone or tablet.
  • How Cool Is That – Another seemingly obvious step that can be easy to overlook is having ice and refrigeration on hand, usually in the form of portable coolers. There are plenty of barbeque designs that allow for actual outdoor refrigerators, but if you are looking for an affordable option, then coolers are the way to go.
  • Have a Seat – It’s a good idea to set up seating zones to ensure there is going to be enough room for everyone. If you have the room, add tables or stands near each zone for people to set food and drinks on.
  • How Do You Want That Cooked – It’s a good idea to separate the meat by how cooked it is. Make it easy for guests to identify the Rare, Medium, and Well-Done trays of meat. This avoids confusion, as well as throwing away expensive meat.
  • Take Out the Trash – Provide enough receptacles close by each seating zone. After filling up on food and drink, guests may not feel like a long trek to the garbage receptacle.
  • Stop Bugging Me – The biggest pest that will show up to your party is the inevitable irritating insects that gravitate to picnics and barbeques. You can buy Tiki torches and citronella candles, but they don’t work for mosquitos. One consideration is purchasing a set of motorized patio shades or motorized retractable screens, depending on where your barbeque is set up. They not only provide a bug-free zone for preparing and cooking the food, but they also keep the sun out of your eyes as the day wears on. Since you will be busy preparing food, the use of a remote control to conveniently operate your system is invaluable.
  • Turn on the Lights – Backyard barbeques can sometimes go from being an all-day affair to an evening party. Be prepared for this by distributing lighting to make it easier and safer for guests to navigate by.

You are now well on your way to throwing the best barbeque your friends and family have ever attended. Sit back and bask in the admiration as the compliments keep rolling in. One last piece of advice – make sure you’re a good cook!

Atlanta Backyard Landscaping

5 Practical Renovations For Your Atlanta Backyard

As you are contemplating the fall season chores, you have a sudden thought – can I do more with my backyard? Can I build a structure to increase the quality of life in my home? Or perhaps you think it’s time for an upgrade to an existing patio or deck? There are few renovations that can improve both your life and your home’s value. Here are five ideas to give your backyard a facelift, while still providing a practical purpose.


Atlanta Backyard Landscaping

Landscape Your Backyard

Atlanta Backyard Fence IdeaThis is a great place to start when giving your backyard a makeover. Planting trees can provide practical considerations like natural shade and windbreaks, as well as adding an aesthetically pleasing touch, not to mention brilliant colors in the fall. The artistic use of large stones, flower beds, plants, and shrubbery can really bring your backyard to life. You can even color match some flowers and plants to coincide with the color of your leaves in the spring, summer, and fall.

Build a Beautiful Fence

Presenting a stylish fence to the neighborhood will certainly make your neighbors happy, as well as provide privacy from the outside world. You can find fencing to match the color and style of your home and even place gates where you want them. You can even add a small attached trellis or two to enhance your landscaping ideas.

Atlanta Outdoor Kitchen

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Hosting social gatherings and events would be so much more refreshing if you could hold them outdoors. Turning part of your backyard into an outdoor kitchen provides a year-round place to enjoy the company of friends and family while appreciating the feel of an open-air environment, provided you also weatherize your kitchen with a covering of some kind and a set of either motorized patio shades or motorized retractable screens, depending on where your kitchen is located. These accessories will ensure you have some control over the climate inside the protective area, as well as shading you from the sun and keeping the bugs away while you prepare and eat your food.

Build a Patio Deck

This idea can turn an otherwise boring yard into a lively entertainment area. There are many sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, as well as convenience options like built-in seating, barbeques, refrigerators, and even wine coolers to store your favorite vino.

Build an Outdoor Seating Area

If space is limited, you can always design and build a seating area for small get-togethers. It doesn’t cost much to set down outdoor stones or tiles for flooring and place an outdoor furniture set atop it. Use the above-mentioned motorized patio shades or motorized retractable screens idea to give you a sense of seclusion.

There is so much more you can do with your backyard area. It is typically the most overlooked and underused area of a home. All it takes is some imagination and a desire to improve your home so that you can enjoy where you hang your hat to the fullest extent as you kick back and look out on a job well done.

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