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Home Remodeling – Small Changes That Give Big Results

motorized screens patio refresh atlantaYou may be living in your Atlanta dream home, but at some point, you will feel the need to change a few things here and there. A home remodeling brings all the changes you want. It may be costly and time-consuming, but worth every effort you make. You can make small changes and enjoy significant results. Home remodeling doesn’t have to be a total overhaul; you can divide it into several small projects, and by the time you are done, your home will have a new look. Here are some ideas worth considering:

Replace The Doorknobs

The doorknobs are small, but people always grab them when they want to open a door. Changing the doorknob will make a door more functional and aesthetically appealing, whether it’s your front door, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Choose an easy to hold knob, but consider the design and color to blend perfectly with other interior decorations.

Get New Exterior Doors

It is common for exterior doors to fade and wear out with time. However, you can replace them with some modern ones to give your home a dramatic change. Sometimes, even repainting can bring the change you want. But a complete replacement is always better. With so many beautiful doors available, settle for what ties best to your house’s exterior appearance.

fieplace focal point

Redo The Fireplace

A fireplace makes a great central focal point in a living room. Since this is where your guests are likely to gather when visiting you, redoing the fireplace can create a striking impression on those who walk in.

Update The House Numbers

Most people live in areas where their houses have pre-existing numbers. Whether you have a standalone home or an apartment, you can change your home’s appearance by replacing the number with a stylish one. You will find some modern options in the market or use your creativity to have a customized house number. Besides that, you can add some antique hardware or plants around the entrance area where the house number is.

Change The Lighting

Changing a room’s table lamp or an overhead pendant will make a big difference. Just get some stylish lighting fixtures such as soft white bulbs, or go for dimmer options. There are many options in the market, making it easy to find one that you can DIY and fall in love with your space.


Upholstery is costly, but you can redo your sofas and armchairs partially. It is possible to do a quick re-upholstery by just changing the fabric of your desk, dining or patio chairs. Remove the cushion covers and replace them with some new ones. Then use a staple gun to reupholster your chairs.

Change The Faucets

revamp kitchen faucetYou can choose to buy some brand new faucets to revamp your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Some modern finishes with a shiny look transform dull areas in your home and create a wonder atmosphere. Besides buying some new faucets, you can also rummage in salvage yards. Here, you will find some vintage and unique faucets that you cannot find in home improvement stores.

Replace The Garage Door

The garage door is one of the things someone will notice once they walk into your home. A dirty or dented garage door will definitely affect your exterior appearance. A new and solid door will add curb appeal while increasing the value of your home. If your current door is not working properly, don’t wait until it wears out. Get another one, and it will eliminate daily frustrations and make your home safer and more comfortable.

Refresh The Patio

Consider modern motorized retractable screens when looking for easy ways to remodel your Atlanta patio. They are unique; just a touch of a button and your whole patio gets fully screened. Apart from being beautiful, retractable patios’ screens keep the solar and pests away while giving you the privacy you need. They transform different architectural openings into functional spaces in your home. The best thing is that you do not feel trapped in a stationary screen; you can always open them up and enjoy the skies and fresh breeze during summer or any time you want to.

Atlanta patio makeover retractable screens

The allure of a complete makeover is not easy to resist. However, if you do not have the time or budget to repair and get new items, you can change some small things and transform your Atlanta home without spending a fortune. Some of the ideas are DIYs, so you will not hire someone to do it for you. Try them and see how quickly your home changes for to better.