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Draperies are on the Move!

Movelite curtain motor somfy

Take advantage of drapery motorization’s growth opportunities in 2022. Offer the Smart Home experience with a drapery motor that can be controlled with the touch of a button, simple voice commands, and third-party devices. Plus, take advantage of the Movelite 35 pricing advantage. Somfy’s new entry-level Movelite35™ solution offers the same Somfy quality at an affordable price. Motorization is now available for all budgets with Movelite 35 exclusively at Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta.


  • Add Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta’s custom drapery hardware fascia options for the finishing touch.
  • Movelite 35 RTS is compatible with all Somfy’s RTS controls
  • For draperies weighing up to 77 lbs. (35kg)
  • Available for Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold and as a single or double system
  • Touch motion is triggered by gently pulling the fabric
  • Somfy’s covered 5 Year Warranty
  • Operates with simple voice commands using Somfy myLink™, Alexa, or Google Assistant

Download the Somfy Movelite Brochure

Electric Retractable Solar Screens for Covered Decks, Porches and Patio Enclosures

If you’ve ever attempted to spend time outside with your family on a hot Georgia day, you may have learned the difficulty of such a task. Because of the rays of the sun, you may not be able to see what you’re doing or stay cool. A motorized retractable screen for your covered deck, porch, or patio may be exactly what you need.

What Is A Motorized Retractable Solar Screen?

A motorized retractable screen is a solar screen that comes up and down through the use of a remote or switch on a wall. This allows people to keep out sunlight, insects, and other annoyances without losing scenery. A retractable screen works well for an outdoor area that has covering on the top of the space but needs extra protection for the sides. The screen sits inside a cassette when not in use to ensure protection from wear and tear. Some retractable screens function through the use of a turn or crank. These are always a perfectly fine option but today we are taking a look at top shelf motorized retractable screens.

Atlanta retractable screens

Atlanta Retractable Solar Screens
What Are The Benefits of Electric Retractable Solar Screens?

  • Maintains View and Shields You from the Sun – If you’re worried about losing the view from your yard, a retractable screen allows you to still enjoy your surroundings because the screens are see-through. You may stay safe from the sun’s rays at the same time. You don’t lose anything – but you gain protection and comfort.
  • Keeps out Bugs, Rain, And Heat – Flies, gnats, and other bugs can be a nuisance, especially during a party or other special event. An electric solar screen keeps your food and guests out of their flying path. If it rains, you don’t have to worry about water damaging furniture near the edges of your porch or patio. These solar screens also knock out high winds.
  • Adds Style To Any Outdoor Event – If you want something different, a motorized retractable screen is sure to get attention at your next gathering. Wow your neighbors and friends with the touch of a button and leave them talking for weeks. Despite the benefits associated with retractable screens for Atlanta homes, not everyone knows about them. The solar screen fits just about any doorway or opening and comes in a variety of colors. We can customize a solution for any need you have.

Are You Getting Any Value From A Motorized Retractable Screen?

Are you really getting a run for your money if you invest in an electric retractable screen? A retractable screen lasts for a long time – it won’t fade due to sun damage or come apart because of a child’s wandering hands. You don’t have to deal with tangled cords or pieces that fall off at the slightest provocation. If you wish to sell your home in the future, buyers may love this extra feature. You open up possibilities and add extra living space to your property. The somfy motors that power our retractable solar screens are hands down the best built motors in the business and come with a 5 year warranty.

Electric retractable solar screens are quickly gaining traction around the country. Whether you wish to add a modern touch to your patio or protect your household from the sun, a screen is a great investment. Contact us today about installing Atlanta retractable solar screens today. Your back yard will never be the same again!

Protect Grad Parties and Summer Bashes With Sun Protection

Atlanta retractable screensThere’s no denying that 2020 brought a lot of disappointment. As most people made sacrifices on wedding plans and exotic vacations, high school and college grads had to sacrifice celebrating their achievements for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. This year, with mandates being lifted, vaccines being distributed, and more of the population able to safely socialize, many 2021 graduates have the opportunity to celebrate completing school. If you have a graduate in your life, it’s time to begin to think about what type of party or celebration you might like to hold.

Protect Guests From The Sun

Most people host graduation parties outdoors, which is especially appropriate considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. When hosting an outdoor gathering, you will have to think about lots of details, from food to music to seating. However, it’s equally important to consider how you might protect your guests from UV rays.

The sun can cause significant damage to the skin and body but also can lead to dehydration and other internal issues that can plague your guests and ruin your party. Installing sun protection such as solar screens, patio shades, and porch screens can ensure that your guests have the opportunity to sit comfortably in the shade and don’t have to choose between suffering UV damage and going home.

outdoor graduation parties

Keep The Grad Party Going

In many cases, graduation parties present a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beginning of summer-evening weather. Here in the Midwest, the humidity is low at the beginning of the summer, and evenings are pleasant. Many graduates and their families opt to use their graduation parties to socialize around a bonfire later into the nighttime. However, with the inevitable summer bugs and pests, keeping guests comfortable in the evenings can be tricky. Many screens keep pests away without using harmful chemicals or off-putting bug spray and ensure that you can enjoy the summer breeze without mosquito bites.

Update Your Home

For many homeowners, graduation parties indicate a forthcoming empty nest. With more time and resources at your disposal, it may be time to look at home upgrades that can improve your life beyond the graduation party. If you are considering installing screens or shades for your grad party guests, you should understand your options and how your investment can benefit you all summer long. Retractable screens are a recognizable and classic option for those looking for a simple, manual solution to their UV and pest issues. If you are looking to upgrade your home and enhance your smart features, motorized screens may be a valid option. Motorized options allow you to control your shades and screens without having to maneuver them physically. Many of these screens can be placed on timers, so you never have to worry about the sun fading your furniture. With so many technological advances in this area, it’s easy to turn a grad party perk into an investment that will last for years to come.

There is still time to make sure that your patio, porch, and yard are ready for your graduate’s big day by installing your home’s new screens and shades sooner rather than later.

Update Your Shades For a Cool Summer

Atlanta retractable patio screensSummertime is fast approaching, and with it comes the unmistakable heat of the Midwest. In this area of the country, we know how to handle extreme temps on both ends: frigid cold and unrelenting heat. While the beginning of summer is usually a welcome reprieve from the cold winter and wet spring, the sun and bugs can easily become tiresome and zap the fun out of your summer backyard fun. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your family and friends from the uncomfortable parts of the summer season, so you can focus on enjoying the warm months.

Backyard Shades and Screens

A great way to make your backyard fun pleasant during the heat is by installing patio shades and porch screens in your recreation areas. If you have a patio or porch already built, adding a shade or screen is simple. While you can certainly find manual retractable screens for your porch or patio, motorized screens and shades have become increasingly popular in recent years. These options make it simple to protect yourself from blinding, harmful daytime sun and pests and bugs at night. In the past, you may have needed to head inside to avoid these annoyances, but with patio shades and porch screens, you can keep the summer entertaining going all day long.

Protect Your Home and Health

Though backyard fun is a major draw of the summer months, it’s essential to protect your family indoors as well. Windows are not effective at eliminating harmful UV rays, and it is possible to get sunburnt without even stepping outdoors. Even if you manage to remain sun-safe yourself, it’s nearly impossible to protect your furniture and indoor fixtures from the sun’s harmful rays. Fading and overheating are common consequences of direct sunlight, and neglecting to protect your home could lead to thousands of dollars in damaged property.

Installing a solar screen in sunny areas of your home can help protect your investments and keep your family cool and safe. These screens block about 80-95% of UV rays and allow you peace of mind when lounging or socializing in your sunny spaces. With motorized options, it’s easy to make sure that your home is protected at all times. Plus, you have the flexibility and freedom to enjoy some sunshine indoors when you so choose. It really is the best of both worlds.

Save On Utilities

Whether you are looking for motorized solar screens, patio shades, porch screens, or a completely custom solution, now is the time to act. Though the springtime weather is mild for the moment, it won’t be long before high temperatures and intense sun descend on the Midwest. When you turn your conditioning units on, you can lose precious cool air to unprotected windows. By blocking UV rays, you ensure your temperature control systems aren’t working harder than they need to. Preventing the sun from shining in your home means saving money on utilities and protecting your skin from harmful rays and resulting diseases.

Don’t wait to install screens or shades. Your summer body, home, and social life will thank you.

How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost?

Advances in technology and increased demand for smart and connected living have all contributed to rising excitement about motorized blinds.

The benefits are many: The ability to control your shades or blinds with the touch of a button. Freedom from unsightly cords that pose a risk to children and animals. Cost reductions on your home heating bills. Transforming your living room into a media room for the best middle school sleepover ever.

Motorized blinds in Atlanta living room

But first? You’ll want to know how much installing motorized blinds costs. In truth, the answer varies greatly depending on a variety of factors including the type of motor you select, whether or not your existing window treatments are compatible with motorization, and the size and number of windows you seek to add motorized blinds to.

Here, we breakdown the cost of the different Somfy motors and examine what the costs would be for outfitting different window treatments.


When it comes to choosing which motor will power your new motorized blinds, you have a variety of options to choose from. While motors on the lower end of that price range may at first seem like a steal, it is important to keep in mind that motorized blinds are an investment, enhancing your home’s comfort and liveability. Investing the money upfront to purchase a quality motorized system can save you money, time, and headaches down the road. Often, motors that fall on the lower end of the spectrum have shorter warranties, more mechanical difficulties, and may even be louder. You’ll also want to research the warranty that accompanies your motor; Somfy motors are covered by a full five-year warranty, but this may not be the case with other products.

The price of motorized blinds and shades will vary, depending on whether they are battery, plug-in, or hard-wired. Somfy battery powered motors start at $270, and hard wired options go up from there.

The Somfy Motors Product Line

Sonesse 30 RTS
Compatible with roller shades, horizontal blinds, Roman/woven shades, pleated and cellular shades, and projection screens.
Quiet operation
24 DC low voltage, plug and go.
Backed by 5 year warranty

Sonesse 40 RTS
Compatible with roller shades, horizontal blinds, Roman/woven shades, pleated and cellular shades.
120 AC – directly wire to your home’s electrical system
Backed by 5 year warranty

Sonesse 50 RTS
Compatible with roller shades, horizontal blinds, Roman/woven shades, pleated and cellular shades.
Quiet operation
120 VC – plug and play or direct wire into your home’s electrical system
Backed by 5 year warranty

Sonesse Ultra 50 RTS
Compatible with roller shades, horizontal blinds, Roman/woven shades, pleated and cellular shades.
Ultra-quiet operation
120 VAC – plug and play or direct wire into your home’s electrical system.
Backed by 5 year warranty

Roll Up Wire Free 28 RTS
Compatible with roller shades, sheer horizontals, Roman/woven wood shades.
27 RPM
56 dBA
12V DC with flexible options: Lithium batteries, plug-in, or solar.
Backed by 5 year warranty

Tilt 50 Wirefree RTS
Motorized tilt for 2” horizontal blinds (wood, faux wood, or composite).
12 V DC with flexible options: Lithium batteries, plug-in, or solar.
Backed by 5 year warranty

Cord Lift Wirefree
Compatible with pleated and cellular shades.
12 V DC with flexible options: Lithium batteries, plug-in, or solar.
Backed by 5 year warranty

Before making your final decision then, it is important to make sure that you have examined the technical capabilities of your selected motor, which will impact price, speed, and noise level. A complete warranty is a strong indicator that the company stands by their product and suggests that, should you need assistance, the company will be there to help.

Marietta window blinds

Window Treatments

Since you are contemplating installing motorized blinds, chances are that you already understand your window treatments to be an investment in your home. As with your choice of motor, you have lots of window treatments options to choose from, and there are a number of factors that will impact how much these window treatments will cost.

With so many different types of window treatments to choose from, picking the right one is a challenge. The best solution, if you are struggling to decide whether you want to outfit your home with shutters, blinds, shades, or curtains, is to identify the main needs that you expect your window treatments to solve. For example, cellular or honeycomb blinds help with energy efficiency and solar shades can reduce UV glare.

Below, we consider several factors that will impact how much you can expect to spend on your window treatments.


One of the main factors that impacts the cost of a window treatment is the material that it is made from. Before making a decision, consider the tradeoffs between different materials. For example, real wood is one of the most expensive window treatment materials out there, but it can also add more value to a home and is more durable than faux wood or vinyl. Eco-friendly window treatment materials like bamboo or other woven fibers may also be more costly, but add value if you are seeking to green your home.

Number and Size of Windows

In order to develop a sense of the cost of your window treatment project, you will first need to spend time measuring your windows. If you feel uncomfortable gathering the exact measurements, do not hesitate to contact a window treatment professional — measuring windows is all just a part of their daily business. However, if you are not afraid to get out your notepad and measuring tape, here are a few guidelines to ensure that you are taking accurate measurements:

Use a metal tape measure. Soft measuring tapes that bend or fold will not provide you with the level of accuracy you are after.

Measure every window you plan to cover. Even windows that look identical to the eye can vary slightly in size.

Round to the nearest 1/8th”. This is where having a metal tape measure (and your glasses!) really comes in handy.

Notate measurements in width by height. It is very easy to flip those numbers around, but doing so will cause many headaches down the line.

Buckhead window coverings motorized

Keeping these guidelines in mind, it is time to take your window measurements. Once you know the width and height, you can begin to get a sense of the materials cost of your project. Below, a glance at the average price range for some of the most popular window treatments. Note that this price range is per shade, with a shade considered a fairly standard 36” by 48”:

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades: $50 – $100/shade
Roman Shades: $100 – $300/shade
Solar Shade: $30 – $100/shade
Wood Blinds: $50 – $175/blind
Faux Wood Blind: $30 – $120/blind
Vinyl Mini Blinds: $25 – $120/blind
Aluminum Mini Blind: $25 – $85/blind

Installation Costs

DIY is all the rage nowadays, but what if you would prefer that someone else does the DIY for you? This will impact the cost of your project, but many people feel that it is worth working with a professional to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Installation costs will vary depending on the number of windows you are covering, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $35 – $75 per window that is receiving motorized blinds treatments. (This is just an estimate and can vary depending on where you live and whether or not any of your windows fall into the “tricky” category — skylights, bay windows, etc. You will also be interested to know that if you choose to hard-wire your blinds or shades into your home’s electrical system, the cost of installation will be included in the overall project cost.)

As you can see, the cost of motorized blinds depends on a number of interrelated factors including the type of motor you select, your Atlanta window treatments, and how many windows you plan to motorize. However, whether your budget is small or the sky’s the limit, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you if you are determined to integrate motorized blinds into your Georgia home. And when you do, you will begin to enjoy your home in a whole new, smart, connected way!

The Somfy Sonesse® ULTRA 50 Quiet Motor for Atlanta Window Coverings

The Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RTS is now available, offering an ultra-quiet and ultra-powerful shading solution with the convenience of low-voltage power. Now your can effortlessly control your room’s natural light using the full suite of Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) control options such as hand-held remotes, a smartphone/tablet app, wireless wall switches, sensors, timers and more.

 Somfy Sonesse® ULTRA 50 Quiet Motor

Ultra Quiet Window Covering Motor

Ultra quiet Somfy motor for Atlanta window coverings
Sonesse ULTRA 50 offers near silent operation at less than 38 dBA when fabricated with Somfy recommended hardware and components. It’s a must have wherever silence offers well-being and everyday comfort.

Ultra Powerful Window Covering Motor

4Nm of lifting capacity with the convenience of low-voltage wiring.

Ultra Flexible Window Covering Motor

Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC RTS streamlines programming and installation with advanced options which save time:

  • Ability to set/adjust limits directly on the motor head or via transmitter
  • LED indicators for immediate feedback
  • 5-minute sleep mode directly from the motor head eliminates the need to unplug motors for programming, grouping or adjusting limits.

Control Multiple Motorized Indoor/Outdoor Shades With Somfy IGC

Somfy 4n1 Motor ControllerThe Individual Group Control (IGC) 4n1 Motor Controller provides individual and group control for up to four Somfy Wired Technology (WT) motors with up to three intermediate positions per motor.

Through the use of the DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad (#1811402, required), users can access 3 preset positions as well as Up, Down and Stop. Keypads can also be used to set custom intermediate positions. Multiple IGC 4n1 Motor Controllers can be daisy-chained together for simplified synchronized control from a single keypad.

Somfy DecoFlex ControllerThe Somfy DecoFlex Digital Keypad for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) is an intelligent control device providing a hard-wired in-wall user interface for stand-alone SDN shading systems. Keypads provide users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort. Each keypad communicates directly with intelligent motors in the system without the need for a centralized system controller, distributing intelligence across the network, ensuring reliable operation.

Every DecoFlex Digital Keypad uses a priority based command structure which allows multiple keypads to have different levels of authority. For example, a system can be programmed to prioritize life-safety and facility manager control over local user control. Available in both 6 button and 8 button configurations, the DecoFlex Digital Keypad comes with default engraved buttons (shown at right). Custom engraved buttons are available. Each keypad also includes 8 dry contact inputs on the reverse, regardless of the number of buttons on the front. All contacts, even those not associated to a specific front button, are programmed to output SDN commands for the control of intelligent motors on the network.

Connections & Indicators

Somfy Motor Controller Board

Spec Sheet

Powered Window Treatments from Hunter Douglas

No longer just for tech geeks and the super rich, smart home products and systems are growing exponentially. They are quickly becoming more affordable and simple to use.

Smart home technology has arrived for your windows with products such as the Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization. This new wireless technology is available on a wide array of sophisticated window treatment designs and fits perfectly with today’s connected lifestyle.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Window Treatments - Atlanta, GA

A seamless blend of high style and convenience at the window, PowerView Motorization offers:

Customization: Window treatments can be programmed to adjust themselves automatically to create the perfect room ambience, morning, noon and night.

Design: Available in seven on-trend colours, the Pebble Controls have a sleek design that complements any décor.

An intuitive PowerView App features fun, colourful icons and the ability to fully personalize ‘Scenes’. With battery-powered and plug-in power options available, PowerView is a simple technology solution for both newly constructed and existing homes.

Connectivity: PowerView lets you adjust your shades when you’re away via a RemoteConnect feature on your mobile device. An RS-232 serial connection or IP allows easy integration into virtually any home automation system.

Energy efficiency: You can schedule window treatments to operate at certain times of the day for optimal energy efficiency and to moderate room temperature.

Enhanced Child Safety: With no operating cords, you create a safer environment for young children and pets.

Home Automation Made Somfy Easy

Somfy is a world leader in motorization and electronic controls for window coverings and motorized screens. They have a wide product portfolio, offering AC, DC, and battery powered motors with a variety of control options and home automation integration interfaces. They offer a great amount of versatility, with motors and components suited to power virtually any window covering, patio or deck application. Somfy offers top of the line solutions at a price point that is very reasonable. Somfy’s wide range of motors and controls feature Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) which provides shade and screen users with new, simple and innovative operating functions that can be adapted to any lifestyle. Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. Somfy offers many products that allow you to use third party systems to streamline the control of motorized window covering , integrated lighting, retractable screens, security and heating and cooling systems all with one control. Additionally, software is readily available to enable remote control from the internet, so that you can easily control motorized window coverings even if you are away from home.

Somfy Motor Examples

Extend your outdoor living space – Enhance lifestyle and comfort – Increase energy savings – Find protection from the sun: All at the touch of a button. Imagine extending your retractable screen or shade effortlessly from inside your home or while you’re outside, so your home, deck or patio is a comfortable, shaded place, where you can spend more time enjoying life. It’s so easy, it’s Somfy!

Peachtree Blinds offers a range of products powered by Somfy motors. Let us help you make your home a retreat for comfortable rest and leisure.

QMOTION iphone controls