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Draperies are on the Move!

Movelite curtain motor somfy

Take advantage of drapery motorization’s growth opportunities in 2022. Offer the Smart Home experience with a drapery motor that can be controlled with the touch of a button, simple voice commands, and third-party devices. Plus, take advantage of the Movelite 35 pricing advantage. Somfy’s new entry-level Movelite35™ solution offers the same Somfy quality at an affordable price. Motorization is now available for all budgets with Movelite 35 exclusively at Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta.


  • Add Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta’s custom drapery hardware fascia options for the finishing touch.
  • Movelite 35 RTS is compatible with all Somfy’s RTS controls
  • For draperies weighing up to 77 lbs. (35kg)
  • Available for Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold and as a single or double system
  • Touch motion is triggered by gently pulling the fabric
  • Somfy’s covered 5 Year Warranty
  • Operates with simple voice commands using Somfy myLink™, Alexa, or Google Assistant

Download the Somfy Movelite Brochure

Control Multiple Motorized Indoor/Outdoor Shades With Somfy IGC

Somfy 4n1 Motor ControllerThe Individual Group Control (IGC) 4n1 Motor Controller provides individual and group control for up to four Somfy Wired Technology (WT) motors with up to three intermediate positions per motor.

Through the use of the DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad (#1811402, required), users can access 3 preset positions as well as Up, Down and Stop. Keypads can also be used to set custom intermediate positions. Multiple IGC 4n1 Motor Controllers can be daisy-chained together for simplified synchronized control from a single keypad.

Somfy DecoFlex ControllerThe Somfy DecoFlex Digital Keypad for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) is an intelligent control device providing a hard-wired in-wall user interface for stand-alone SDN shading systems. Keypads provide users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort. Each keypad communicates directly with intelligent motors in the system without the need for a centralized system controller, distributing intelligence across the network, ensuring reliable operation.

Every DecoFlex Digital Keypad uses a priority based command structure which allows multiple keypads to have different levels of authority. For example, a system can be programmed to prioritize life-safety and facility manager control over local user control. Available in both 6 button and 8 button configurations, the DecoFlex Digital Keypad comes with default engraved buttons (shown at right). Custom engraved buttons are available. Each keypad also includes 8 dry contact inputs on the reverse, regardless of the number of buttons on the front. All contacts, even those not associated to a specific front button, are programmed to output SDN commands for the control of intelligent motors on the network.

Connections & Indicators

Somfy Motor Controller Board

Spec Sheet

Powered Window Treatments from Hunter Douglas

No longer just for tech geeks and the super rich, smart home products and systems are growing exponentially. They are quickly becoming more affordable and simple to use.

Smart home technology has arrived for your windows with products such as the Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization. This new wireless technology is available on a wide array of sophisticated window treatment designs and fits perfectly with today’s connected lifestyle.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Window Treatments - Atlanta, GA

A seamless blend of high style and convenience at the window, PowerView Motorization offers:

Customization: Window treatments can be programmed to adjust themselves automatically to create the perfect room ambience, morning, noon and night.

Design: Available in seven on-trend colours, the Pebble Controls have a sleek design that complements any décor.

An intuitive PowerView App features fun, colourful icons and the ability to fully personalize ‘Scenes’. With battery-powered and plug-in power options available, PowerView is a simple technology solution for both newly constructed and existing homes.

Connectivity: PowerView lets you adjust your shades when you’re away via a RemoteConnect feature on your mobile device. An RS-232 serial connection or IP allows easy integration into virtually any home automation system.

Energy efficiency: You can schedule window treatments to operate at certain times of the day for optimal energy efficiency and to moderate room temperature.

Enhanced Child Safety: With no operating cords, you create a safer environment for young children and pets.

Motorized Screen and Solar Shade Anti-Blocking Systems (ABS)

Motorized Retractable Solar Screen Installer, Atlanta, GeorgiaMotorized solar screens and solar shades offer a modern look with practical, energy-efficient benefits. They also provide instant privacy and allow for easy access to hard to reach window coverings. Motorized solar screens and shades absorb heat and reduce glare all while having a quite striking appearance on your house or business.

Combine solar screens and shades with a state of the art, high-tech, Somfy motor  system and you can enjoy a home automation experience that not long ago, was financially out of reach. Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. With the push of a button located on the wall, a remote control, or your mobile phone you can operate these motorized screens and solar shades with ease. You can also operate these screens and shades from your vacation spot via the Internet or have them setup to open and close on a schedule.

Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta has worked closely with Somfy motor systems for years to provide you with the best solar screen and solar shade motors available. Somfy motors is a world leader in specialized motors and control systems for exterior screens and solar shades, rolling shutters, interior shades, blinds, retractable awnings, and projection screens for commercial and residential. Somfy shares Peachtree Blinds’ reputation as a service orientated manufacturer and together we provide a quality and service for our customers that is unsurpassed by any other exterior screen and shade company.

Braking System for Electric Retractable ScreensSomfy motors latest development is the anti-blocking system (ABS) wheel. This (ABS) wheel was development for new and existing motorized zip screen applications. It works by detecting obstacles in the track or path of screen operation and stops the motor within .5 seconds avoiding fabric unroll, a zip that falls out of its track or guide, or any other damage to the screen system. This safety feature also protects children and the customer’s belongings.

This new anti-blocking system is compatible with the 400 and 500 series motors and is easy to install. Contact your professional Atlanta Motorized Solar Screen Installer today to discuss adding this feature to your existing screen system or to find out more about the vast benefits of installing motorized solar screens and shades! (770) 664-0027

Home Automation Made Somfy Easy

Somfy is a world leader in motorization and electronic controls for window coverings and motorized screens. They have a wide product portfolio, offering AC, DC, and battery powered motors with a variety of control options and home automation integration interfaces. They offer a great amount of versatility, with motors and components suited to power virtually any window covering, patio or deck application. Somfy offers top of the line solutions at a price point that is very reasonable. Somfy’s wide range of motors and controls feature Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) which provides shade and screen users with new, simple and innovative operating functions that can be adapted to any lifestyle. Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. Somfy offers many products that allow you to use third party systems to streamline the control of motorized window covering , integrated lighting, retractable screens, security and heating and cooling systems all with one control. Additionally, software is readily available to enable remote control from the internet, so that you can easily control motorized window coverings even if you are away from home.

Somfy Motor Examples

Extend your outdoor living space – Enhance lifestyle and comfort – Increase energy savings – Find protection from the sun: All at the touch of a button. Imagine extending your retractable screen or shade effortlessly from inside your home or while you’re outside, so your home, deck or patio is a comfortable, shaded place, where you can spend more time enjoying life. It’s so easy, it’s Somfy!

Peachtree Blinds offers a range of products powered by Somfy motors. Let us help you make your home a retreat for comfortable rest and leisure.

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