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The Somfy Sonesse® ULTRA 50 Quiet Motor for Atlanta Window Coverings

The Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RTS is now available, offering an ultra-quiet and ultra-powerful shading solution with the convenience of low-voltage power. Now your can effortlessly control your room’s natural light using the full suite of Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) control options such as hand-held remotes, a smartphone/tablet app, wireless wall switches, sensors, timers and more.

 Somfy Sonesse® ULTRA 50 Quiet Motor

Ultra Quiet Window Covering Motor

Ultra quiet Somfy motor for Atlanta window coverings
Sonesse ULTRA 50 offers near silent operation at less than 38 dBA when fabricated with Somfy recommended hardware and components. It’s a must have wherever silence offers well-being and everyday comfort.

Ultra Powerful Window Covering Motor

4Nm of lifting capacity with the convenience of low-voltage wiring.

Ultra Flexible Window Covering Motor

Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC RTS streamlines programming and installation with advanced options which save time:

  • Ability to set/adjust limits directly on the motor head or via transmitter
  • LED indicators for immediate feedback
  • 5-minute sleep mode directly from the motor head eliminates the need to unplug motors for programming, grouping or adjusting limits.