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Add That WOW   Factor To Your Atlanta Home’s Interior With Professional Window Treatments

Window treatments are easily overlooked yet they are an important part of any interior scheme. Not only can they add interest and texture, but they can also help regulate the temperature of your home. Tailored styles of window treatments work well in larger rooms and formal settings. These more structured designs will often feature valances that cover the poles or tracks and can be covered in matching or contrasting material.

Other formal styles add details such as swags and tails or pole drapery which add richness and flourish to the design.

An Atlanta professional curtain maker will ensure a crisp and neatly tailored design, whatever the style and dimensions of the window. If you are looking for a softer, more relaxed look, layered curtains are a huge trend now. Sheer or lightweight fabrics in varying tones or contrasting colors provide warmth, softening the light as it enters the space while keeping the overall appearance light and airy. This style is also a great way to mix prints in to your room without overwhelming your scheme.

Professional Made Curtains, Atlanta Georgia
An Atlanta professional curtain maker will ensure a crisp and neat tailored design.

When hanging a layered window treatment, it is important to invest in a multi-channel track or multi-rod curtain rail so that there is not too much bulk at the top of the window. Layered looks are easily achieved with ready-made curtains from the shop shelf.

When choosing fabric for your window treatment, it is also important to consider how much light enters the room. Lighter colors are generally more resilient to sun damage, but will benefit from blackout lining if used in bedrooms so that you can darken the room for sleep. If your room gets a lot of sun, lining the curtains will also help them to last longer, and will help to regulate the temperature within your home. Lined curtains help to keep the sun out in the summer while keeping the warmth in during the winter months.

Another option is wooden shutters. Not only are they the perfect choice for the allergy prone as they are easy to wipe clean, there is also a huge range of styles suitable for any type of home. These range from solid panels to louvered blades and half-height, cafe-style shutters that are a great option for privacy while allowing maximum sunlight to flow into the room. A great tip is to choose a slightly thicker louvered blade because these are great for the Atlanta climate as they let in more air and block out the hot sunlight.

Choose the Perfect Paint Color for Your Atlanta Home

Atlanta Interior Design, Paint ChoicesA fresh coat of paint does more than make your home look good. It gives you a chance to express your personality. It allows you to make a change without spending more than you can afford. But once you decide to break out the brush and call a painter, what color should you choose? What works best for your space? If you don’t know where to go, don’t panic. You can pick the perfect hue without sacrificing your sanity.

Think About the Mood

What mood do you want to convey in the room you plan to paint? For example, you may want your bedroom to appear calm and inviting. You could feel that your family room needs something bright and energetic. Once you pinpoint the emotions you want to bring out in the room, you can move on to creating a special color scheme. It may take some time to pull it all together – however, if you don’t rush yourself, you can achieve great things.

Look For Inspiration

What do you love? Maybe you enjoy reading comic books. Perhaps the color of the ocean fills you with ecstasy. Even a recent family vacation at an amusement park can help you lay the groundwork for your painting project. Before you make any big decisions, sit down and think about the colors associated with the subject that makes you happy. What shades of blue make the ocean the way it is? Did you like the red seats on the roller coaster ride? Delve into why a certain shade speaks to you and move on from there.

Use What You Find Around You

Consider items found around your home. Do you have a lot of antique furniture? It’s not necessary to throw out treasures just because they clash with your chosen color theme. Work around items you can’t part with and make your own palette. If you feel that a piece of furniture looks out of place no matter what you try, move it to another room. Experiment to find a look that speaks to you – your whole family can benefit. If you want, you can paint your room to match a family photo or your child’s craft project from school. Don’t be afraid to wander outside of the box.

When the time comes to paint your living space, choosing a color doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t have to spend weeks agonizing over what to do next. When you put on your thinking cap and work with what you have, you can build a new environment from scratch. Once you know where you want to go when your color scheme, contact a professional painter. You won’t have to worry about doing the work, and a professional painter can do the job right.