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Window Treatment Trends to Look For In 2014

The times they are a-changin’ – just ask anybody in the field of interior design. A color or pattern is hot one year – the next year homeowners may find it hideous. It’s hard to know what will be in demand, and some people spend much of their time attempting to keep up through whatever means necessary. Whether you care about wall accessories or couch fabrics, there is always a cycle. When it comes to window treatments, the possibilities are nearly endless. Window treatments are design elements you put on, around, or over windows. What developments can we look forward to in the year 2014?
Window Covering Trends 2014

Many homeowners are opting to use custom-made window treatments. Custom treatments ensure that you will be the only one who owns a particular item, but this option is also useful when you are dealing with an unwieldy space. If you think that custom decorations for your windows will cost you an arm and a leg, it may surprise you to learn that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find fabrics that won’t require that you live on noodles in order to afford them, and you don’t have to sacrifice workmanship and taste. A qualified company can work with you to find what suits your preferences.

Another trend worthy of note involves the need to allow sunlight to come into the home. It used to be that people used shades and blinds that permitted complete blockage of any influence from nature. However, translucent drapes are a common want these days for people who wish to cut back on electricity costs. When you use natural light, it’s not necessary keep a lamp on at all hours of the day. Sheer curtains make it easy to gain light from the sun and privacy at the same time. Window treatments of this kind can bring benefits to tall and small windows alike.

What else is there? The vintage look is making a place for itself in the world of modern home decor. If the idea of filling your home with antiques sends you running for the door, recall that nostalgia is a powerful force in today’s world. What is old becomes new again, and you can breathe new life into your grandmother’s furniture or fine china collection. There are many items on the market that utilize the “shabby chic” trend, and there are countless window treatment options you can add to your own house.

Trends will always exist – the turning of the tide is something you can’t prevent with even the most advanced of equipment. Why not take that fact and mold it into something positive for your home? You can give your windows an original, brand-new look with the help of Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta. Our expert team can give you the window treatment advice you need and push you in the right direction. Call us to learn more.

Hot Fabric Textures and Colors for 2014

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality. Heimtextil if held in Frankfurt and is the first trade fair of the year held every January. The fair is a platform for manufacturers, retailers and designers and is a massive showing of new design trends.

The fabric textures and color displays in the booths in Frankfurt are a good insight to the hottest emerging color trends and designs for window coverings and home design. The Trends hall was the place to go and discover the look and feel of the next few years in textile design, with four installations exploring the forms and colors that just might make their way into our homes. I wanted to share some of the inspiration in color and texture that were seen:

Upcoming Color & Fabric Trends for 2014

Acid yellow

Acid Yellow Draperies and Textures

Exotic blush

Interior Design Exotic Blush Materials
Blue and green influences

Interior Design - Blue and Green Influences
Royal red, white and blue

Royal Red, White, Blue Fabrics

Transparent Nets

Transparent Nets - Interior Designer