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Why You Want Motorized Screens for Your Patio

Georgia Motorized Screens

The patio is an excellent place to enjoy your summer evenings in comfort. However, spending too much time in the sun can have adverse effects, including affecting your skin and causing overheating, leading you to overlook the beauty of spending time outdoors.

As such, it’s crucial to have a shading solution that not only adds to your home’s appeal but also shades you from the glaring sun. If you’re looking for an excellent solution for your patio, you might want to consider getting motorized screens. Retractable screens are aesthetically pleasing and offer many advantages. Here is why you want motorized screens for your Georgia patio.

Protection from UV Rays

We all need some Vitamin D, which is best obtained through exposure to the sun. However, as with everything else, too much of the sun can be a bad thing. Spending a lot of time in the sun exposes you to harmful UV rays, which can cause sun poisoning, sunburns and, in advanced cases, increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

Motorized screens can help you obtain that healthy balance of sunshine while protecting you from the UV rays. It also helps protect your patio furniture from getting damaged by the sun.

Straightforward Remote Operation

When it comes to retractable screens, you don’t need a manual to operate them as they are easy to use and maintain. Your new retractable shades have a remote-control feature that allows you to customize your coverage easily.

To add to that, you can easily configure the screens to sync up with a device in your home that can function as its remote. A device such as your smartphone allows you to control your motorized screens at any time and in any way you want. With the app, you can configure the automation settings so that the screens retract and deploy on their own at the set time, thus saving you the hassle of being present to do it.
Atlanta Motorized Screens

More Living Space

With motorized screens, you have more control of your outdoor space and can therefore enjoy it in peace and comfort. Getting motorized screens in your patio lets you enjoy all outdoor weather while retaining control of your outdoor space. The retractable screens act as insect barriers during spring and minimize glare during winter.

Low Energy Costs

People often overlook the most significant benefit of motorized screens, their effect on your energy bill. Investing in a motorized screen helps block the sun over a substantial portion of your home.

This helps prevent the transfer of heat to your home’s interior, thus making it easy for your air conditioning to maintain comfortable temperatures without needing to use a lot of energy. Over time, this saves some money while also preventing your AC from overworking itself.

We Can Help

Motorized screens are a great addition to your Atlanta home aesthetically and have overall positive effects, thus making them a great addition to your home. At Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta, we have a wide range of motorized screen options for your patio.

We can also help you obtain the proper configurations according to your expectations and needs. Whether you’re looking for something straightforward, practical, or techy that integrates into your smart home, we can help. Give us a call today at (770) 664-0027 to learn more about patio shades.