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4 Window Treatment Ideas For Atlanta Patios

Sliding glass doors are often the preferred choice when it comes to opening the home to the patio area. Although it’s great to be able to view your yard and gardens from inside all year long, you still want to fit these doors with treatments that shade you from the sun and afford you a little privacy. When you are looking at window treatments for your patio entrance, keep these ideas in mind.

shutters for sliding doors Atlanta, Georgia

Shutters. You may think this sounds like a rather unconventional idea for a sliding door, but they are a classic choice that provides excellent energy efficiency. There are many options available today, including non-wood possibilities that are low maintenance and add value to your home, as they are permanent fixtures. Atlanta shutters also create a lovely beachy look, as they are a traditional window treatment in many areas near the water.

privacy sheers for sliding doors

Privacy sheers. These products are designed for sliding glass doors and offer a sort of hybrid, with features of vertical shades and sheer drapes. This treatment is composed of soft fabric vanes with a sheer face fabric. They diffuse natural light when tilted open and come in a room-darkening option as well. The variety of privacy sheer styles available gives you many opportunities to create ambiance while providing a perfect transitional area to your patio.

motorized outdoor shades Dunwoody GA

Motorized outdoor shades. This trending Atlanta window treatment idea is perfect for the modern home. The outdoor shades enclose your patio while allowing you to open it up to the great outdoors with ease. Patio screens of all kinds are available to help you design the perfect patio that suits your style while increasing the comfort of your home by shielding you from the sun and keeping out bugs.

vertical blinds for sliding doors

Vertical blinds. There is a reason that this window treatment option is one of the most common choices for patio doors. They come in a range of styles, textures, and colors that nearly every homeowner loves. Their contemporary style is popular among modern homeowners and will enable you to adjust your view and privacy easily.

No matter what Atlanta window treatments you choose, the desired result is the same—protection from the sun and your neighbor’s prying eyes. As you select from these window treatment options, always keep your tastes in mind, as this is a part of the home you will look at every day.