Roman Shades – A Safe Choice

Few people can resist spending a day at the beach – but that doesn’t mean they want to bring the bright rays of the sun into their homes. That’s where blinds and shades come into play. If you looked at a list of all the options available to you to keep your windows covered, you might feel overwhelmed. Roman shades are a stylish and fun option for those who want something modern in their living space. Roman shades come in many colors and patterns, and it’s easy for a person to find something that suits a household budget.Atlanta Roman Shades

These shades may be neat, but they do have their problems. It used to be that they posed a severe safety problem for children. The children would play with the cords attached to the shades, and sooner or later the cords would wrap around their small necks, cutting off circulation. This brought about a few deaths, and millions of blinds went through a recall process around the country. This is a scary thing for parents to consider, and you might think twice about making an investment. But don’t completely dismiss roman shades. You don’t have to lose out on what you like in order to keep your kids safe from harm.

Why are roman shades worth a second glance? These window coverings underwent some changes. Several companies released individual kits meant to repair the reported issues around the time of the recall. These days, you can purchase shades that don’t have any cords attached to them. You read that correctly – cords aren’t as customary as they once were with roman shades. If you do locate shades with cords, keep in mind that the companies behind them took steps to comply with particular standards before releasing them to stores, leaving you with fewer worries on your plate.

If you find yourself with roman shades that have cords, there are things you can do to save yourself a trip to the emergency room. The first thing you can do involves moving chairs, beds, cribs, and other furniture away from windows. Your child may use furniture to climb up and grab the ropes, so do what you can to discourage such an action. Once you complete this task, move on to ensuring that there are no exposed cords – though your child may not be able to reach the cord by climbing on furniture, it may be possible through other means. If you believe that your roman shades don’t pass the test, dispose of them as quickly as possible.

You want to keep the sun out of your living room or bathroom, but you don’t want to use a standard blind. There’s an answer for what you seek – roman shades. Roman shades keep your windows completely covered and look good at the same time. However, keep in mind that shades may pose a risk to your child’s health and safety. Before you purchase roman shades, do your homework and be prepared.

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